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What Are You Going to Do with It?

Sometimes we go to the Creator and we say, “I’ve given charity. I’ve been a good person. I’ve helped people. Please, I need a favor over here.” But you know what the Creator’s answer is when we come forward with this approach?

The Creator’s answer is: “Really? You’ve given charity? Where did you get the money to give the charity? Who bestowed that blessing on you in the first place?”

Any time we go to the Creator and explain how good we are and therefore how much we need to be helped by Him, the answer is: “You aren’t whoever or whatever you think you are. You are what I made you. You are where I put you. Now use what you’ve been given to create a space to be closer to your spiritual roots.”

As human beings, we work really hard to accomplish things in the belief that once we achieve whatever we consider to be success (in finance, wisdom, honor, or whatever), then we have finally “made it.”

But have we really “made it?”

We learn in Kabbalah that it is only once we have attained our milestones that we will actually face our real test, which is what we are going to do with our achievement. Are we going to say, “Wow look at me and all I have done”? Or are we going to say, “OK, what is expected of me now?” or “How can I pay it forward?”

When we understand life this way, we create a straight line to the Creator and a pathway for blessings in our lives.


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