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What Really Matters

It is said that there are two prayers that kabbalists are supposed to do no matter what on a daily basis. The first is the morning prayer, Shacharit, which corresponds to Abraham, who represents mercy and the Right Column of energy, the energy of sharing and kindness. The second is the afternoon prayer, Mincha, which corresponds to Isaac, who represents the Left Column of energy, the energy of desire and receiving. What’s interesting, however, is that Arvit, the evening prayer, which corresponds to Jacob and to the Central Column of energy, the energy of balance, is considered optional. The reason for this is that each of us contains both the Right Column, the Desire to Share, and the Left Column, the Desire to Receive. The Central Column, the energy that balances these two forces, is something that we activate of our own volition and choice.

Via the Central Column energy, each of us has the option of choosing to grow towards the energy of the Light of the Creator or not. It is up to us to decide whether we want to grow spiritually, knowing full well that if we haven’t done something in our life that matters, the only difference between us and anybody else in this world after death is 6 feet of dirt.

But what is it that matters?

What matters is sitting with someone else and offering them even just one word that makes them say, “Hey, that makes sense; that’s something that I can incorporate into my life.” That one word can be the spark something that brings them closer to the energy of the Creator. If we can do this, then we have done something that matters.


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