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What’s Yours Is Yours

The Midrash (portion Ki Tisa) tells the story of a family who made the incense for the Holy Temple, and the smell of this incense was so wonderful that it went straight to Heaven. The secret of their recipe was kept in the family from generation to generation, and they wouldn’t share it with anyone. Unfortunately this ended up being a mistake because in the end, the secret was lost to all. It is said that what truly belongs to a person can never be taken from that person. But we are not the ones to determine what is ours and what is not. We don't know what really belongs to us, but we need to share—our money, our talents, our knowledge, our spirituality—regardless. This doesn't mean we should go and give everything away and stay with nothing. Rather, we should know that what is truly ours will stay with us no matter what and understand that actions of true sharing and kindness are always in our best interest.


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