Kabbalistic Concepts

When One Has the Desire to Learn Kabbalah

Kabbalah is not religion; it is a movement to assist people in achieving greater awareness, higher levels of consciousness. Most people are robotic and do things not out of free choice. We, at The Kabbalah Centre, ask why we are here. We want to know what we have done to merit coming into the Centre when there are those who have heard the benefits of learning Kabbalah, and still feel it is not for them. 

Says the Zohar, when one has the desire to learn Kabbalah, his desire is his entrance fee and for that there is no price. This, the Zohar says, is the interpretation of the verse from Isaiah. However, if we want to make manifest and put this study of the Bible and certainly the Kabbalah with all of its inner meanings to use, for this there is a price. When we internalize the information by working to make it a part of our daily lives, then the information becomes knowledge and will lead us to the results. 

The Zohar in the portion of Terumah says we are not talking about contributing to the construction of a Temple or any of the other items inside the Tabernacle. What we are talking about is accessing the effects of what these objects provided for the Israelites.

*From Rav Berg’s lecture on the portion of Terumah (1993).


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