Kabbalistic Concepts

You are Gifted

Each one of us has been gifted with something. This “something” could be intelligence, charisma, wisdom, athletic ability, wealth- the list could go on and on. We are meant to use our time on this planet to take what we’ve been given and do something with it. Even the number of years we have on this earth is time lent to us for a purpose.

So the question is this: What are we doing, if anything, with the gifts that we have? For example, if a person is a strong athlete, does he give some time perhaps to kids who want to improve their skills or who cannot afford to play? Or take a person who is intelligent. Does this person use her intelligence for the betterment of others and the world? What about a person who has wealth? Does this person use part of that wealth for something larger than himself?

We need to ask ourselves these questions because ultimately, nothing in our life is ours. Our gifts are a loan from the Creator so we can make our life, along with the lives of those around us, more fulfilling and rewarding.


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