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You Can Go Your Own Way

Each one of us has our own particular way of reaching our Creator. We all have within ourselves our own direction, our own way of bringing ourselves closer to the Light of God.

Yet we shouldn’t forget our roots, where we came from. Even if our parents or the people who are closest to us are perhaps not what we want them to be, or they’re not moving in the same direction as we are, or they don’t agree with our ways or with who we are, we must never forget that they and the environment that surrounded us at the time of our birth, shaped us to become who we are today.

We may not agree with the way our parents raised us, and we may not raise our own children that way. But, we can never not respect the fact that if they had not formed us, if our soul had not chosen to enter our specific body, then we would be not have been able to get to where we are now.


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