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You Matter!

All too often, we lose sight of the significance of the journey we go on every day. We forget or ignore the importance of our relationships. We don’t see the beauty of being connected to something beyond ourselves. Our daily comings and goings become so expected, so mundane, even so boring that we begin to not really think about what we are receiving throughout the day. Consequently, we start to take for granted that the gifts that life has bestowed upon us.

Each day presents us with another opportunity to redirect our consciousness towards appreciating the people and things that really matter to us in our life. And this is one of our spiritual jobs in this world. When we manage to make others feel that they are significant, then we, too, are significant, because in so doing, we become a conduit for kindness and for the love of the Creator. Today, take the time to call two people who matter most to you and tell them how much they mean to you. Thank them for being in your life and then thank the Creator for putting them there.


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