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Your Guardian Angel

Each of us has our own personal angels that hover around us as guards. When we do positive actions and connect to the Light force of the Creator, they are strengthened and are able to protect us.

How do you and your angels become really strong? Well, think about it this way: On a physical level, the more weights we lift, the stronger we become. Spiritually, it’s the same idea. The more we fight our way out of our negativity, selfishness, and limited thinking in order to become more like the infinitely loving and sharing Light Force of the Creator, the stronger we become spiritually.

Even when we are “lying in the mud” so to speak, and we say something like, “Yea… some protection this is…”-even in those times, we are protected by our angels. Because you known what? Most of the trying circumstances we encounter are specifically designed for our maximum growth.


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