Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

Your Infinite Soul

We are officially entering the holiday season, and while this can be a time of great Light and good cheer, it can also be an emotional, even stressful time that can bring out more of our reactivity.

That is why it is a good time to connect to the bigger picture, the point of it all.

Our lives are finite. The only thing that exists after we die is that part of our being that is not actually ours: the spark of the infinite Light of the Creator, which is our soul. That Light exists now and will exist forever. It is a motivating force, a force we can attach ourselves to and grow with. It is a gift given to us by the Creator so that we can rest with Him and do what we need to do in this world.

Today and all throughout this next month, try to find small ways to connect to the infinite Light within you. Resist the impulse to run to an addictive behavior after an uncomfortable encounter. Resist the need to defend yourself right away when you are criticized. Go out of your way to do something small and thoughtful for a co-worker or even a stranger.

The connection you forge to this infinite source of positivity will bring you more happiness and stability than you can receive from anything else in this physical world.


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