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Your Life’s Work

One day, a student went to his spiritual teacher and asked, "How can I study these teachings all day if I need to work to bring home sustenance for my family?"

Thoughtfully, his teacher responded, "Just because you are working doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with the teachings. For example, when you are at work and a customer asks for a pound of grain, provide an honest measure. That is spirituality. Or when someone asks to borrow money, loan that person money in a way that is fair. That, too, is spirituality. Just apply what you have learned to whatever you do, and in that way, you will make your life’s work the work of spiritual growth."

Today, we, too, need to remember that it isn’t about the amount of time we are able to devote to our studies that makes the difference. It’s how we apply what we have learned to our day to day life.


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