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Your Nightly Assessment

There is a process that the kabbalists suggest for us to do on a daily basis called a cheshbon nefesh, or an "accounting for the soul." The purpose of this process is to assess ourselves every day so we can see how and where we can improve. It involves looking at where we were selfish, where we spoke or acted from fear, where we lied, where we cheated--in short, where our actions were influenced by ego and the negative side. It also involves an accounting of our assets--where we did well, where we shared, and where we spoke and acted from our soul.

Just as a business can benefit and prosper from the taking of a regular inventory, this process is one way we can experience accelerated spiritual growth. By identifying our negativity, taking responsibility for it, and summoning up a true desire to change it, we reconnect with the Creator, thus transforming our transgressions into Light for the world. Likewise, by recognizing our sharing words and actions, we strengthen our Light so it shines brighter for tomorrow.

Tonight, give a "cheshbon nefesh" a try. You might be surprised at the results.


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