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Your Words Have Power

Sometimes people say, "Oh God, I feel so bad, I wish I were dead" or "I wish I didn’t have this or I didn’t have that." We say all sorts of nonsensical things because we forget that there are little energies around us, waiting on our every word, eager to pick up and manifest the negative vibrations we put out there.

It is said that Rebecca, the wife of Isaac, cried out when she was in labor: “May I never get pregnant again if I have to go through this kind of pain.” Because of her words, she was not able to have any children after Jacob and Esau. Although it was her destiny to be the mother of the 12 tribes, she actually altered what had been ordained for her from above.

Of course we are not on the spiritual of Isaac and Rebecca, but nevertheless our words have power. Let’s use them wisely.


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