Fri Oct 11

Connecting to Rav Berg (Live from Israel)


In our study of Kabbalah, we learn that when a righteous soul—a soul that has completed its spiritual work on Earth—leaves this world, a tremendous amount of Light is revealed. In his lifetime, Rav Berg touched the lives of millions around the world, opening the modern Kabbalah Centre and making the wisdom accessible and relatable to any who wish to study. His many books and teachings have been translated and published in several languages, and have helped countless people across the globe tangibly improve their lives. Like all righteous souls, the Rav continues to assist us on our spiritual journey. By connecting to his death anniversary and asking for his guidance, we channel the Rav’s energy into our lives. Join us for a special hillulah connection as we celebrate and learn from the Rav’s life and teachings. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect to the Rav’s soul and all of the positive energy he manifested in his lifetime.

  • 10:30 IDT
    Gathering, light drinks & refreshments (Not streamed)
  • 11:00 IDT
    Michael Berg & Teachers speak about the Rav
  • 11:30 IDT
    Personal connection at the Rav's resting place