Thu Oct 10

Sukkot in Israel: A Surrounding Light


Sukkot gives us the opportunity to tap into a force of energy that helps manifest our highest potential, individually and globally. It is an ancient, universal technology for opening up to what kabbalists call Or haMakif, the surrounding Light. Surrounding Light represents our potential for greatness. It is all of the best versions of our reality just within reach, but not yet a part of us. Sukkot comes once a year to give us the push we need to reach out and grasp that potential. Join Karen Berg and Michael Berg for a powerful Sukkot experience in Israel, at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem. Please note that space is limited, so make your reservations soon!

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  • 10-13 Oct.
    Shabbat Ha'Azinu at Setai Hotel at Setai Sea of Galilee
  • 11 Oct. (Friday)
    Rav Berg's Day of Elevation
  • 12 Oct. (Saturday)
    Midnight Tzadikim Tour
  • 13-15 Oct.
    Sukkot at Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem