Wed Feb 28

Purim Live Stream from New York

The cosmic opening of Purim, the kabbalists say, is the most powerful day of the year as it gives us the opportunity to reshape our destiny at the seed level. In drawing the rarely revealed Light of Chochmah, a force of wisdom and selflessness, we strengthen our consciousness of certainty and attract fresh, unique blessings into our lives. Join the revelry as we dress up, drink, and dance our way into the cosmic dimension and overflow our vessels with Light. Find out why Purim is not only the most joyous, but also the most energetically compelling day of the year.

  • Wed, Feb 28 8:00 pm
    Consciousness Lecture and Megillah Reading
  • Thu, Mar 1 11:00 am
    Morning Connection
  • Thu, Mar 1 12:00 pm
    Megillah Reading