Tue Oct 8

Yom Kippur Live Stream

Before entering this world, our souls promise to transform from beings that have the desire to receive for the self alone, to beings of sharing. Yom Kippur allows us to revisit that promise by making available the energy of Binah, an elevated energy that brings us to a higher level of consciousness. On Yom Kippur, we have the opportunity to connect directly to Binah and gain the ability to correct and improve our existence. We can remove the veil over our lives for the entire year to come. Join us for a powerful connection as we channel the energy to improve the quality of our lives, and of all of humanity.

  • Tue, Oct 8
    All times are in Eastern Daylight Time EDT
  • 7:30pm EDT
    Welcome Lecture
  • 8:00pm EDT
    Kol Nidre followed by Evening Connection
  • Wed, Oct 9
  • 10:00am EDT
    Morning Connection
  • 11:30am EDT
    Consciousness Lecture
  • 12:00pm EDT
    Torah Reading
  • 1:00pm EDT
    Yom Kippur Connection followed by Afternoon Connection (Mincha)
  • 6:00pm EDT
    Neila Connection
  • 7:06pm EDT
    Havdalah Connection