Rosh Hashanah 2020: Exponential Growth

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Rosh Hashanah 2020: Exponential Growth

Double the Effort, Double the Blessings. The great kabbalist Rav Ashlag taught that whenever something significant happens in the physical world, it is an indication that a big shift is occurring in the supernal world. This fluctuation pushes us to either grow exponentially or regress to the same degree. Our teacher, Kabbalist Karen Berg, recently left this world and, as Kabbalah teaches, has moved on to the supernal realm, from where she can share double her energy with us. Karen’s spirit of unconditional sharing, radical kindness, and fierce determination is exponentially more powerful – and we connect to it by doubling our efforts.

This Rosh Hashanah and the year that proceeds it is a time in which we should strive for no limitations in our spiritual work. This year, we can shoot for the stars in our desire to grow. We can raise our expectations of ourselves to share more, love more, open ourselves to more new ideas and connections. And when we double our efforts, together we reveal immeasurable Light. For with greater effort, comes greater Light. This year, we invite you to join us for a Rosh Hashanah livestream connection unlike any other.


Note: All times are in the following time zone: PDT.

  • Friday, September 18, 2020, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. PDT
  • Saturday, September 19, 2020, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PDT
  • Sunday, September 20, 2020, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PDT


Friday, September 18

  • 6:30pm Eastern Time / 3:30pm Pacific Time - Kids Program starts. Click here for more details. 
  • 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT - Pre-Event Consciousness Lecture with Eitan Yardeni
  • 7:20pm ET / 4:20pm PT - Kabbalat Shabbat & Evening Connection
  • 8:20pm ET / 5:20pm PT - Welcome Lecture with Michael & Monica Berg
  • 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT - Kiddush & haMotzi followed by Rosh Hashanah Food Connection

Saturday, September 19

  • 10:00am ET / 7:00am PT - Morning Connection
  • 11:30am ET /  8:30am PT - Consciousness Lecture with Michael Berg
  • 12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT - Kids Program starts. Click here for more details. 
  • 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT - Torah Reading
  • 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT - Musaf Connection 
  • 2:45pm ET / 11:45am PT - 2nd Meal Kiddush & haMotzi
  • 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT - Afternoon Connection (Mincha) followed by 3rd Meal Connection
  • 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT - Astrology Forecast with Yael Yardeni
  • 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT - Evening Connection
  • 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT - Spiritually Hungry Q&A
  • 9:05pm ET / 6:05pm PT - Kiddush & haMotzi

Sunday, September 20th

  • 10:00am ET / 7:00am PT - Morning Connection
  • 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT - Consciousness Lecture with Michael Berg
  • 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT - Kids Program starts. Click here for more details.
  • 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT -  Torah Reading
  • 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT - Pre-Shofar Consciousness with Monica Berg
  • 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT - Blowing of the Shofar & Musaf Connection
  • 3:50pm ET / 12:50pm PT - Kiddush & haMotzi followed by Afternoon Connection (Mincha)
  • 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT - Evening Connection followed by Havdalah

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Michael Berg

Michael Berg is an author, scholar, and spiritual leader. Through his lectures, books, and blog, Michael seeks to inspire students to develop a personal and growing connection to the Light of the Creator. Ultimately, the purpose of his work is to teach people how they can transform and achieve true and lasting fulfillment.

As the son of kabbalists Rav and Karen Berg, Michael immersed himself in the wisdom of Kabbalah from the age of 14 and on, waking up almost every night at midnight until 4am to study the teachings with his father. In addition to being a native English and Hebrew speaker, Michael is an expert in ancient Aramaic and, as such, a true kabbalistic scholar. He edited and translated the first ever unabridged 23-volume set of the English Zohar, the ancient Aramaic text that is at the very core of kabbalistic thought – a monumental task which he began at the age of 18 and finished ten years later. Read More.

Monica Berg

Mother, wife, sister, daughter, teacher and friend, Monica integrates all that she is into her mission of sharing with others, what she’s discovered. Monica is a fresh voice that channels the powerful internal spark of Light living within us all. Authentic and fearless, she reminds us of our extraordinary potential and pushes us onward with compassion and understanding.

While informed by her many years of kabbalistic study, Monica also draws heavily on her own personal life experiences. She battled and overcame a debilitating eating disorder at a young age, and as a mother of four children, one of whom has special needs, she has become an outspoken advocate for him and others struggling to find their voice. Read more.

Price: USD 150.00 recommended donation
During these challenging times, we’ve made some events available on a Pay-What-You-Can basis. We kindly ask that those who are able to contribute more, please do so to help offset the expenses for those who cannot.

Date(s): Friday, September 18, 2020 – Sunday, September 20, 2020

Live from: Virtual Live Learning (USA & Canada)


Sessions: 3

Instructor(s): Eitan Yardeni, Michael Berg, Monica Berg, Yael Yardeni

Language: English