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The Gift of Peace

Do you remember as a child ever trying to capture a butterfly? With delicate wings, the butterfly bounces and floats gracefully through the air. It seems like the more we tried to capture it though, the more it eluded us. Yet if we had become still, taken a deep breath, and extended our hand, it might have landed right in our palm.

Oftentimes, we bring upon ourselves so much unnecessary pain by not letting go and allowing the Universe to reveal to us its plan. George Ohsawa writes, “Life can be so easy. Refuse to let go and you are a person drowning; the more you struggle, the faster you sink.” Maybe no truer words have been said.

In this week’s portion of Vayigash, Joseph at last reveals himself to his brothers. The same brothers who sold him into slavery and caused such pain to the family. The same brothers who have been racking their brains wondering what the heck caused all the chaos they had been experiencing. However, when Joseph reveals he is alive, the final piece of the puzzle has been found! It all finally makes sense to them. Joseph tells his brothers that the Creator has directed his entire life experience, and that there was good reason for all that had happened.

Allow me to ask, whatever difficulty you may be facing now, if you knew that in the end everything would work out, would you still have any doubt or worry?

The gift we can receive this week is one that offers us great peace. We are given the eyes to see from a higher ground, and thus the ability to know the truth: That everything happening is in our best interest.

Vayigash means “to come close,” and indeed each of us are being called in these days to come closer to the wisdom of the Creator and of the Universe. With this greater connection, perhaps we can be open to accepting our current process – whatever it may be – and knowing the Creator’s hand is in it. For it is in such acceptance that we may experience a newfound peace. No longer do we take on the great burden of being at the center of the Universe. Acceptance allows us to be small, so the Creator can be big.

As I have said before, “The Light is in the business.” When we come closer to the Light, the bigger plan becomes illuminated for us to see. It is no coincidence we gather close to our families during this time of year, just like Joseph and his brothers did. We are gently pushed to know the Light, and know each other a little bit more.

Whatever bridge you may be on now or may soon need to cross, know that there is a plan for you and you are not alone. The Creator is walking with you each step of the way. There is a reason for everything that happens. As we further walk along our spiritual path, we can see the Light was with us always. We can come to know the Creator indeed does work in mysterious ways.

This is the season in which we hear it said from friends and neighbors all around, “Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.” It is possible, you know. It can happen. I believe. Peace on Earth begins with finding a little more peace in our hearts. This gift can be all of ours this week.

Take time to find that quiet place of stillness that exists within you over the next few days. During your meditations, take deep breaths and see your guardian angels walking with you. See the beautiful Light of the Creator illuminating your path. Take your hands off the wheel. Let the Creator’s plan reveal itself. And if you are lucky, as you sit there, a beautiful butterfly might just land right on your shoulder.

Take care my friends and all my love,



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