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Becoming a Blessing in the Lives of Others

I have said before, it may be nice to sit alone on a mountain top and meditate, but that isn’t really why we are here. The world is full of people who need our hands. For when a child is hungry, we must feed them. For when a friend is in need, an action is required. As beautiful as our intentions may be, without manifesting them into the world they are rendered useless. Each day, we wake to thousands of opportunities to help one another. Sometimes, it is us who need to lend that hand.  And sometimes, it is we ourselves who need the helping hand. This week, we can take what we know in our mind and feel in our hearts, and integrate it more into our daily lives, where our spiritual actions can do so much good for others and for the world.

In Vayechi, Jacob blessed his children and grandchildren. He placed his hands on their heads to activate and channel his energy. We too have the power to bless by becoming a blessing in the lives of others. We too have the ability to bless the people in our lives who are in need just by showing them a little extra love.

In this portion we also find the passing of both Jacob and Joseph. Jacob and Joseph were the chariots of powerful energy and both gave of themselves throughout their entire lives. Life is full of moments where we must ask for the strength and courage to live the wisdom of our hearts. It may not always be easy, but the effort we place in our spiritual practices will be sure to come back to us two and three-fold. This world gives us opportunities each day to turn the essence of our hearts into something real to see and hold on to — something that can last even after we leave this world.

This week, in your meditation, become quiet and feel the world around you. Be sensitive to all the prayers being sent up to the Heavens. The world is full of opportunities to share. The world is full of broken hearts to mend and hands reaching out for help. Who among you maybe is going through a challenging time? Perhaps getting them a cup of coffee one morning could really brighten their day. Who do you know who could really use a quick call, or even a text, saying, “I love you. I am thinking of you. I am here for you.”

My friends, the world is so fragile today. Let us act on our hearts. Be open to the needs of others and know their needs are as real and just as important as your own. This week, if we try, we can be like the hand of God for another person — a hand from above that has the power to change everything for the better. And I bet if we are willing to try to help bless another, we for sure will see a blessing appearing in our own lives.

All my love,



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