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Important Request: The Middle East

Dear Kabbalah Centre Students:

Only less than a month ago I asked you to participate in a Zohar scanning effort for the people of New York and New Jersey.

Today, I am sending you this message because of the volatile state in the Middle East.

This is a reminder for us that the time we are in has a potential for chaos that requires more of us and our spiritual work.

You might know that the Zohar explains that the Middle East is a powerful source of energy for our world. If in a state of peace, the Middle East will radiate peace to the rest of the nations. If in a state of war, sadly, energy of destruction can be activated for all of us. It is for this reason that The Kabbalah Centre has for the last three decades provided Zohars to all the people of the Middle East—from civilians to soldiers, on all sides.

Today, I ask you to use the energy of this coming Shabbat Toldot, as well as the Zohar in your possession, to send Light to those hundreds of thousands of Zohars that we put in this unique area of the world, to activate them with our consciousness to do the work so that the situation that we face today is dissipated with peace and no casualties; we can and should ask for nothing less.

Please refer to Volume 10 in the English Zohar, any section in the portion of Yitro, and scan the letters with the intention of turning on the Light amidst the darkness. The Rav says that when we turn on the Light the darkness simply disappears. We cannot use darkness to remove darkness; only Light can have that effect.

Keep your consciousness in certainty and remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. The only question we should ask is, “What effort have we made to reveal the Light?”

God Speed,
Karen Berg


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