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The Gift of Peace

Many of you who have been students at the Centre for a long time will remember how often Rav Berg stressed the importance of this week’s portion. Pinchas is a powerful healing instrument given to us by the Creator and revealed to us by the kabbalists. 

It always falls during the month of Cancer to give us the energetic support we need not only after the malady strikes, but before it ever manifests in our bodies. As the Rav insisted, the healing energy of Pinchas attacks any dormant dis-ease that exists within us, and the upcoming 7 days that lead up to the reading of the portion itself help to set the foundation to receive as much as we can of this pure laser-like healing energy. As this spiritual opportunity comes but once a year, I would like to ask something of our global community: Can we join together in a unified consciousness this week; a singular focus from the depth of our soul, so that we may send this energy outward to the whole of humankind?

There is so much that can be said about the Torah portion of Pinchas and the reading of it which will take place in our Centres all over the world come this Saturday morning. It is written that what made Pinchas a leader, what made him so unique, is that he was given the gift of shalom, which means peace. Disease (or, dis-ease, if you will) is said to begin in the heart. Imagine. If this was true, and I believe it is, how many diseases could be eliminated if only we could heal our hearts? The Zohar in the portion of Pinchas gives us a secret that the best preventative medicine is shalom, inner peace.

There is so much that we allow into our hearts that upsets us on a regular basis, from the mundane matters of someone cutting us off in traffic to the bigger things in life that don’t always turn out exactly as we’d hoped and planned. Pinchas, however, was the embodiment of inner peace. He was not moved. He was not deterred. He did not care what others thought of him, said about him, or did to him. His only concern was to connect with the Light of the Creator. It was this desire that gave him peace of mind, heart, and soul.

This week, let us usher our fears and worries out the door; for they are illusions that do not serve us. If there is chaos, let us remain still in the certainty that this too shall pass. Let us find that place inside ourselves that allows others to be who they are instead of what we want them to be. With each breath we take let us fill ourselves up with a love unconditional, and breathe out any dis-ease we might feel towards others, and most importantly, towards ourselves.


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