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A Brand New Life

When water is present, life can be possible. Water is an essential part of all living things and we thrive in its presence. When I think of the beautiful country of Ireland, I think of how green and lush it is because of its high source of rainfall. Even from space, Ireland seems to glow from its greenness. This is the power of water to give life and to renew us. Rainfall has the power to cleanse the Earth and give the energy for vegetation to expand and flourish. During this time of year, rainfall increases because of the energy that is inherent in the cosmos. It is a time of renewal and purification. This week, this energy of renewal and purification is assisting us in growing into our next level. We, like the plants of the earth, are compelled to grow and change. We are energized and rinsed clean. It is a time where we can begin a new life; fresh with dew and washed away of the past. We are made green and alive; ready for the life and year ahead.

Our portion, this week, is Shmini. In Shmini, Aaron purifies the Israelites by the use of certain sacrifices. Aaron then blesses the people taking them to a state of holiness. The Divine Presence enters the Tabernacle creating, for the first time, a physical presence of the Creator. This purification is hinted by the portion’s name. Shemini, in Aramaic means, “the eighth.” The number eight indicates a connection to the Sefira of Binah, the eighth sefira, counting upward from Malchut. Binah is our fountain head of energy that cleanses us and is the rain of spirituality. Even from its name, this portion is indicating to us the high level of spiritual abundance and energy that is waiting for us this week. This week we receive the gift of connecting to Binah directly.

Not coincidentally, we find ourselves amid the seven days of the holiday of Pesach. These seven days act as a mighty and beautiful rain removing negativity and selfishness, leaving us washed and restored. These days of Pesach remove from our being the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone and the negativity of ego. What is left is our new and purified vessel; “green” and ready for the new year. The Universe this week supports us in purification so that we may have the most positive and successful year ahead. For when the mud of ego is washed away, what is revealed is that spark of the Creator that is our true essence. We are sharing beings and seek moving upward. Like the plants, we seek to grow upward to be closer to the Creator’s energy and be more in synergy with it. It is when we are aligned with the energy of love and creation, do we find chaos, pain, and suffering simply have no room or place to grow.

This week in your meditations. Take yourself to the hills of Ireland. See yourself lying in the green and lush rolling hills. Lie there on the ground and feel the coolness of the grass, the moisture and warmth in the air, and the abundant oxygen filling your lungs. Take a deep breath. You are new this week. You are ready and energized with all you need for the new year facing you. You have been restored and made anew. Your bones are strong. Your vision is clear. Your heart beats steady like a drum that will never cease. You are ready to face the future and world that lies ahead. The past is gone, along with your old self. All that is left now is a new consciousness, a new vision, and a new start.

You are brand new and nothing can stop you now.  


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