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A Door to Freedom

In life one of the greatest gifts we can receive is to be able to start over and be given a new clean slate. Whether we find ourselves tired, confused, lost, or burdened by mistakes we have made, a chance to start anew is a priceless. How many of us have found ourselves wishing we could undo the past? When push comes to shove and the stakes get too high, we are quick to take back the things we did or said. Most of the time, we feel that such a renewal of spirit is not an option. Yet in spirituality, with the love of the Creator, this gift is indeed ours. Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” The love of the Creator built this world and therefore, there is always another way for us. Like an open door, the gift of redemption is waiting for you.

This week ushers into the universe the unique and invaluable gift known as Pesach.  Pesach is a cosmic event available for all people to utilize and benefit from. This week the universe supports us into finding and walking through a new open door that is made open just once a year. The gift we receive this week is the transformation of life’s “dead-ends” into new paths. Our closed doors become open doors. The limitations of life break through into limitless potential. A second chance is ours this week and it could be the greatest gift we can ever receive.

The literal story of Pesach is that the Israelites were were taken out of bondage in Egypt. Through the help of the Creator and Moses, the Israelites were set free and were able to begin a new life. They were freed from the self-imposed limitations that kept them from receiving all that they really wanted. From a place of having no answers, no fulfillment, and no connection, the Israelites elevated into a new place where their authentic power could be known and expressed. A place where they were connected with the Creator and knew everlasting joy and fulfillment. The Creator opened a new door for them to walk through. It was a door a freedom and new beginnings. Pesach is a gift from the Creator; a vital opportunity given to every one of us. Pesach is a cosmic opening that can be accessed just one night in the year. Each year, a door is opened for us, like it was for the Israelites. If we are open to it, we can rid ourselves from the past, renew our minds and bodies, and elevate into a new and better world. 

Through this open door, there exists enormous amounts of energy; far more than the energy we receive each morning for the day’s work. The energy from Pesach is an inexhaustible source of energy that is there to sustain us for the entire year. It is inexhaustible because it powers us towards the Light. It is our battery source for the entire year’s worth of work. It is on this night that we receive all we need for success. Inside this open door is a second chance at getting back energy we have lost to the mistakes we have made, the people we have hurt, or the dreams we have forgotten. Freedom from ourselves, our baggage, and our past allows us to take flight and soar into a new and better world, just like the Israelites did so many thousands of years ago. This opportunity was created for us by the Creator out of great love so that we may live a life of joy and fulfillment.

This week in your meditation imagine yourself walking down a long hallway.  As you slowly walk down, you notice dozens and dozens of closed doors. These doors contain your past. As you walk by each one, you remember the lessons, the experiences, and the people of your life. But you are ready to move forward. At the end of the tunnel is a bright light. As you get closer, you see there is an open door filled with a deep bright light that fills your eyes and entire being. It calls you to walk through it. It is the Light of the Creator and He is ready for you. Let the past go and allow for this new day and new life to begin. Walk through that door and step into all that is waiting for you. The Creator loves you and is dreaming a dream that is even bigger than you can dream for yourself.

This is what Pesach is all about.


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