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A New Heart

When I think of Unconditional Love, I am reminded of animals and their innocence. We can learn from animals in the way of their kindness and gentleness. Even animals that have been abused seem to be able to forgive, forget, and love again. They have a pure heart. Often in life, we can accumulate scar tissue around our hearts and we can find ourselves in a space of bitterness and coldness. We can fixate on the pain of the past and it can prevent us from being open to the love that is waiting there right in front of us. A closed heart that is no longer willing to love is a painful thing to see and experience. Being hurt can provide a constant memory that prevents us from loving again. But it does not have to be that way. The Creator understands our thoughts and our journey. He is always here to help us start again, renewing our hearts. This week we are bestowed one of the greatest gifts of the entire year. As we enter in the new month of Virgo, the Universe gives us the chance to let go of the past allowing us to love once again. We are given the profound gift of renewal and cleansing this week. Affording us the ability to become like a child again who is open and ready to face the world. We are given the gift of a new heart. A heart that will allow us to activate the Divinity within and end our unnecessary suffering. The world is lacking love; we need it more than ever before. 

Our instruction manual to the Universe this week is the portion, Shoftim. Shoftim means “judges”.  Shoftim is a portion designed for the month of Virgo. It is always read during this month and is there to assist us in the cleansing inherent during this time. Now, we are able to be free from the scars of the past and given the chance at freedom. For true freedom is to be able to love. True freedom is to be free from the pain of a closed heart. In this portion, Moses instructs the Israelites to establish a system of judges and officers to assist in keeping the Creator’s guidelines. Moses teaches us the importance of justice and fairness. He reminds the Israelites that when we act in ways of love to our neighbor, it is always we who will benefit. Kindness and love always come back our way. Moses further explains the guidelines that will keep them on the path of love and human dignity. We, too, are able to look at ourselves and see where we have gotten off course on our spiritual work. This portion allows us to see what we need to change about ourselves. We are asked to put judges and officers at our actions, not the actions of others, in order to recognize when we are acting in ways of coldness to people in our lives. This portion gives us the ability to see where we have gone astray and the gift of starting a new path of love.

We all have been hurt in life. It is not easy to love again and to even trust others after experiencing deep hurt. We can find ourselves afraid to live life. But challenges, hurts, and pains are always doorways in which we can enter and connect to the love all around us. For when we know of pain are we not then able to sympathize with others? If we have not been hurt ourselves, will we know how to heal another? The hurt we may have experienced by another should not prevent us from living our lives. For life is meant to be lived and life is nothing if not with love. If we are open to it, we can use the energy present this week to let go of the past, see where our heart has been closed, and reopen the gates of love once again. The Creator is willing to give us a new heart, and with it a new life. For a life without love, is no life at all. 

This week in your meditation, take yourself to the enchanted forest. Find yourself in a place you thought was only possible in fairytales. A beautiful forest with plants and grounds of lush green. The trees are strong and towering. The sunlight shines through creating warmth all around. There is a beautiful small pond with a trickling waterfall. Take yourself there and have a seat on the grass. Breathe the clean air into your lungs, taking several breaths. As you sit there calm, you begin to hear a rustling from the trees. You notice a fawn slowly making its way towards you with its delicate legs and large soft eyes. It seems to know no fear as it comes closer to you. It sits gently by your side. You feel its warmth as you stroke its back. You both sit basking in the beauty all around you. You feel the love in the trees, the plants, and in the sky. You feel your heart renewing and you feel the bright hope of the future. You feel love pouring out from within to the entire world. We are all trying to do our best. The Creator loves you just as you are. He is always with you. You are ready to give peace the chance it deserves. You are ready to give the people in your life the love they deserve. Let go of the past. Let go of the pain. Your heart is new. You are ready to love again. 


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