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Astrological Forecast for Pisces 2017

When we talk about Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, we are really talking about transcendence and potential. This month, we have the opportunity to see, feel, and connect to a higher level of consciousness. Pisces is ruled by planet Jupiter (the energy of possibility), and planet Neptune (the energy of beauty and goodness).

Then why are we experiencing difficulty? The energy of Pisces affects all of us this month. Understanding its strengths and weaknesses helps us make the most of this energy.

Those born under Pisces want to live in a world where everything is good. They don’t believe that bad exists, which makes them naïve to reality. They want to save the world, but they do not understand that people need to make an effort to help themselves. They want to be “saviors” even if those they want to save do not need them. In the process of “saving” they often sacrifice themselves, becoming the victim. And they don’t understand why.

They are the martyrs. Well, Pisceans, you didn’t come to this world to suffer! This new moon of Pisces we have four celestial bodies in Pisces—the sun, moon, Mercury, and Neptune. We also have Chiron and the South Node in Pisces. The other planets (Venus, Mars, and Uranus) are in Aries, when Mars and Uranus are in conjunction.

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, is the child—full of energy, aggressive, and gets what he wants. And Pisceans often let go, having the attitude that what they want comes last. This month we can connect to the true spiritual side of Pisces, we can transcend. The more we understand we are responsible for our life, and that there is always a bigger picture, the better we are able to successfully let go.

Use kabbalistic tools to connect to a higher level of consciousness, and set boundaries. When we connect to that level of consciousness, Venus in Aries will help us increase the desire for more, and Mars and Uranus in Aries will help us manifest our true freedom. But when we connect to the victim level of consciousness of Pisces, those planets in Aries can destroy everything we’ve worked hard for.

Like, Karen Berg says, everything is consciousness, especially in the month of Pisces. Pisces rules consciousness and the subconscious. Imagine a life that is all good; we can achieve it this month.


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