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Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 16-22, 2018

And another really interesting week starts in lunar Capricorn! Let’s examine the current state of the cosmos!

At the start of this week, the moon is in watery Pisces. There is a very strong presence of planets in water – again! Surprise, Surprise. We are breaking all the world records with nine planets in water, and five of which are in Pisces! Welcome to Atlantis!

(We’re going to need to learn how to swim – especially the fire signs amongst us, who may be feeling like they are totally missing the plot this week!)

Lunar Capricorn, the most earthy, logical, and grounded month of the whole year, is a bit water logged. Without any air element in the chart, we are receiving no ventilation and no communication; everything is going inwards!

What to do with all this water?

The lesson of this week resides in the astrological domain of love and relationships. The seventh house is very challenged, indeed, with the presence of two malefics: Saturn in heavy Capricorn, along with Pluto. Saturn is challenging the chart’s rising sign in Cancer, and Venus entered deep and intense Scorpio. So much for romantic love and flow in relationships! In Scorpio, Venus, which rules Taurus, is faced with extreme contradictions and doubts.

Conclusion: the cosmos is asking us to challenge our love relationships this week!

But, why?

Saturn in authentic Capricorn, the sign of his rulership, demands solid ground, real love, and deep appreciation for all our efforts in relationships. This is a very intense journey of questioning for all of us! But, of course, these questions should first be turned toward ourselves! In fact, it’s very difficult to walk away from our love comfort zones in life, and we tend to take people for granted. Some of us proceed in love with a total sense of false security, while others question and dig way too much. All in all, achieving a real balance in love seems like a myth.

Where is the remedy? It’s in this month of Capricorn! We all know the strange symbol of this sign: the goat with a fish tail! Why the two animals in one? Because so much water, romanticism, and sensitivity is encapsulated in the sign of Capricorn and its lunar month. Now is the time to reconnect with it!

The whole chart of this week leads us to find again. Find the love buried in your heart, and reopen the fountain of sharing, appreciation, and emotional intelligence in your love life and friendships alike.

How can we upgrade ourselves to become less selfish, and even more invested and enlightened? The MC in Pisces cunjunct with Mars, and the moon and Chiron (the healer), give us the strength to be aligned with our souls, and to rediscover what love means without wondering, “What am I getting out of it?”

So this week, let’s challenge ourselves and dive deeper into the realm of our souls and psyches, removing all barriers so we can allow the fountains of love to flow again, uninterrupted!

This week, meditate on the 72 Name: “lost and found.”

Great Love and Light to everybody!


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