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Astrology Forecast for April 2 - 12, 2017

Hi everyone! We are days away from the full moon of Aries, the ‘wholly’ day of Pesach. Let’s get ready to receive the Light of freedom from limitations!

Right now we are feeling more and more cosmic pressure, as we are counting down the first 12 days of Aries to help us control the coming 12 months of the year. More and more planets are slowly positioning themselves in fixed Taurus, while the moon was in Gemini at the start of the week and the chart’s rising in Scorpio!

It seems the cosmos is polarized right now! Taurean energy is chill and peaceful, and would rather not see any issues anywhere. (De-Nile, anyone?) Scorpio and Aries, on the other hand, are a lot more confrontational.

So, here we are, in the depth of the Aries lunar month, it’s about time to perform a little surgery on our stubborn Taurus hearts, and render them a bit mellower.

The Black Moon, the dark side of the moon, is in Scorpio, too, and conjunct with the chart’s rising. Traditionally, the Black Moon represents the opening to all doubts and klipot. And in Scorpio, it triggers memories of betrayal, and intense situations from our past. It’s as if we are emotionally reliving difficult situations, just when we thought we were over it.

Now, we are well aware of how hard it might be to forgive and forget, to get to a state of tabula rasa—of clearing up painful feelings and conclusions. Venus comes to our aid in doing just that: it is now retrograde in Aries!

We can go back to past events related to love, or even to money, and decide to let them go. The moon in Gemini will lighten our hearts. Once a survivor of WWII came to see Rav Berg, because he found it so hard to forgive and let go of those tragic events. With much kindness, Rav Berg held his hand and said, “They already hurt your past; let’s not give them your future.”

This week is extremely important, since it will influence our whole year to come. Let’s find time for positive self-reflection, self-correction, and calm Taurean healing energy in analyzing the past. Clearing the confusion created by the past is a liberating feeling and will enlighten our entire year. In fact, kabbalists explain that during the month of the ram (Aries), all the battles of the year are decided. In short, we need to put Aries, the ram, in a good cage and domesticate him. One good thing accomplished and one less bit of karma to handle!

Care should be taken to be really tactful in matters of relationships and money. Overall, we will be better off remaining calm and more financially conservative.

Pesach is a ‘wholly day,’ as Rav Berg put it—WHOLE, complete, and everyone should be made part of it.

Chag sameach (Happy Holiday)—a great enlightenment and liberation to all!




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