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Astrology Forecast for April 23 - 29, 2017

Hi everyone! We are already in the fourth week of Aries. Time is really flying!

Let’s hurry and get working on our Aries/Mars mission before the month is over! Next month (Taurus) looks a lot slower; the sun is actually already in the sign.

What is our plan this week then?

The good news is the stars are still very jovial with a lot of Pisces and Sagittarius energy, which is still very mutable, indeed. Picture this: the moon, Venus, Chiron, Neptune, and south node all in Pisces!

And… it’s that time again! Mercury is now in retrograde motion in Aries.

This year Mercury will often go into retrograde in the earth signs, and this will create great openings to travel back in time, and uproot stubborn behaviors and beliefs deeply engrained within us.

Great opportunities present themselves to help us truly receive insight into past events. And we should hurry up before the month of fixed Taurus begins! Uranus is conjunct in Mercury, which gives us a big shake.

As it happens, a brand-new energy cycle has just begun, destined to help us rebuild a stronger desire. In Aramaic it is called the Omer period. In a nutshell, the Omer gives us an amazing confirmation of the great order that exists in the universe. We slowly rebuild our desires for 49 days.

With a closer look, we observe the chart’s Scorpio rising, which will give us some spunk this week: our lovely friends, the Scorpios, are always ready to surprise us! One of the greatest lessons right now is the realization that we take many things pretty hard and become reactive in our lives. Sometimes we are angry and cactus-like over very small things—a package that is delayed, a red light that takes forever to turn green, a slow driver in front of us, waiting in line at the supermarket, bumping into things on the way, etc.

We are allowing the opponent to control us on very insignificant things. Will it change my life to wait one or two minutes at the store? Of course not! Actually, who knows? It might save it! This week, the good news is, we are downloading a better program to become calmer and much more "philosophical" about all the small annoyances of daily life. And boy, do we need that help!

Kabbalistically, we learn that all the small and infuriating delays of our lives are designed to cleanse negative thoughts and behaviors from our lives. So truly, we are the winners in these annoying situations!

Let’s use the final push of Aries to kick all annoying and reactive habits! And let’s meditate on the 72 Name, Vav Hey Vav (back to the future), to kick all habits. Next week, we will talk about the earthy Taurean energy.

72 Name #1

To be continued!




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