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Astrology Forecast for August 20-26, 2017

Hi everyone! Brace yourself for the impact of this coming week! So many cosmic events are taking place; we will all feel every aspect of our lives being altered!

First, this week’s chart is a mix of earth and fire, like a volcano about to erupt. The T-square between Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter will be very valuable as we enter lunar Virgo this week—the mercurial month of redemption and quick changes!

Let’s closely examine the famous T-square.

Pluto spells transformation, Venus spells love (and money!), and Jupiter spells learning and growth. We may be led to deepen our love and money commitments for the future, but more importantly, it’s time to let go of limitations. Jupiter is a great expander. Pluto brings effort, hardship even. However, many surprises might occur with this T-square: we might see “dead” relationships or partnerships come back to life! Past connections might be restored for the better. In short, expect the unexpected!

The second event… it’s that time of the year again! Mercury is in retrograde motion! This time, it is also making terrible angles with the moon and Neptune while opposing them. This creates a bit of a universal retrograde motion! Things will become unclear and often foggy.

So, as usual, let’s be extra cautious of:

  • Signing contracts. Though, we can negotiate and send follow up emails. Care should also be taken not to engage in any lawsuits. Choose mediation instead.
  • Confrontations of all sorts, unnecessary comments, etc.
  • Transportation and trips of all sorts could be delayed or canceled. This is the time when suitcases get lost! Patience is totally on the agenda.

Rather, we should downgrade our attitudes and behaviors or we will feel angry (Leo style), then all mushy. This is because both the moon and Venus are in Cancer.

And… thirdly, the cherry on the cake: there is a total solar eclipse on August 21st! All the USA will witness the eclipse at different times of the day. What’s a solar eclipse, exactly? In Kabbalah, the moon represents the female hidden aspect. It also governs what we, as humans, need to feel safe and comfortable. It is the beholder of our emotions, like an emotional blue print. The sun<, on the other hand, is associated with the male aspect, or Zeir Anpin. It also rules the ego. (It’s the center of the solar system, which everything revolves around, after all.) In a birth chart, the sun reveals the sources from which we draw our power and energy. The female aspect will prevail and block out the male aspect.

On August 21st the moon and sun will still be in Leo. It’s time for all of us to become leaders in our lives, but with the predominant compassion of the moon. This is considered a very important event for all world leaders, as well. The eclipse could be a wake-up call for the female aspect to rise and more compassion to emerge just before we enter the month of Virgo—the female and the pure!

Our work already starts, as eclipses can help us unearth negative feelings, pain, and anger in order to clear those emotions up. When witnessing the eclipse, we should meditate on the good rising to the surface, and to weaken the shells of the ego. So, back to our drawing boards, everyone! Changes need to be made inside and out.

The whole universal machine is in motion, helping us move to our next level! Put aside scary feelings; it will turn out to be a real blessing. We have a very intense, but very revealing week overall!




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