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Astrology Forecast for August 23 - 29, 2015

Hi Everyone! Welcome to a brand new stepping stone leading up to Rosh Hashanah! The month of Virgo, as we explained, always precedes the cosmic New Year. It acts as a kind of laundry machine to cleanse our vessels just before our souls get recharged again for the coming year. And who would decline the gift of a brand new vessel?

Let’s gaze at this week's chart and find out how quick and intense the cosmos can become.

And as you could have guessed, this time zone has the power to show us things that we really didn’t suspect existed. This week starts with a moon in inquisitive Scorpio, conjunct with Saturn at the exact same degree. Saturn, the zodiac’s tax collector, is literally sitting on the moon! Two planets are already in Virgo, and planet Uranus, the black sheep of the zodiac, is getting closer to the chart’s ascendant. Just in case we get a bit bored, there are six planets in fire signs. OMG!

A peaceful week? This looks more like a volcano!

The cosmos has decided to remove its velvet gloves and let us deal with the whole truth (Scorpio and Virgo combined) about pretty much everything, us included! So, guys, no magnifier needed for this month of Virgo!

Every action will be amplified to biblical proportions this week. Every thought is put under cosmic scrutiny. Every word we say, every move we make (as the song goes), the universe is watching … and commenting!

So, what is our tool kit for this week? First, be prepared to hear the whole truth. Put on a bulletproof vest; nothing we hear about ourselves should be taken personally. The Light is on our side, even if it feels like the opposite. We are NOT our negativity! When we say WE, it’s our souls we are talking about.

Imagine for a moment you are wearing a very filthy garment that really smells. Would you prefer to keep it on, or to remove it? Wouldn’t you look for a friend to tell you, "Listen, my dear, you have to change these clothes. The smell is unbearable!"

The reason why we don’t smell it on ourselves is because we are so used to it. It does not bother us any more. It’s a bit like living in a zoo!

Remember, the first step in all spiritual work is the recognition of what we need to change. Rav Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre explains it very clearly in many of his works.

Second, we need to make sure we really watch our tongues before saying anything this week! Remember, the cosmos is currently at war. Even Venus (the planet of peace) is still in retrograde. Anything we say will come out like a dagger AND will be held against us! We've just been read our cosmic Miranda Rights!

Third, let's be truly open to change. Many recurrent patterns are likely to emerge this week. The things we thought we were over, we truly weren’t. Uranus, our agent of change, is in the first astrological house – that’s what we call true cosmic support! Uranus helps our journey by cutting off everything that doesn’t work, whether we like it or not! Three aspects are in Libra this week, too. Justice and balance are indeed on our side.

But the truest blessing of this week is being more in sync with our souls by removing our masks and layers, and truly recognizing what requires change.

This week, the key word is transparency. Let’s be real. Let’s be genuine without big drama. Instead, let’s proactively seek counsel from good friends, hear what they have to say, and internalize it!

This week is a very big steppingstone in our spiritual growth. Let's take it as gracefully as we can!

Have a great week everyone!




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