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Astrology Forecast for August 5-11, 2018

Brace yourselves for the impact of this coming week! So many cosmic events take place simultaneously – we feel every aspect of our lives being touched!

First, many planets are in retrograde motion. It feels like the sky is going backwards and so are we! Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and even Chiron are in retrograde motion. In addition, this week’s chart is a mix of earth and fire, like a volcano about to erupt!

Neptune is very closely placed on the chart’s ascendant, in the twelfth astrological house – the domain of subconscious and retreats. This placement is literally blurring all lines; things we thought were engraved in stone now feel completely unrealistic or out of place, creating an unsettling feeling of confusion. Mars retrograde in Aquarius is “shooting thoughts” all over the place, and Jupiter in Scorpio in the eighth house is adding a dramatic note to the whole lot! In short, expect the unexpected.

But, of course, it’s that time of the year again – Mercury is in retrograde motion, but it is also making terrible angles with Saturn and Pluto. This creates a slow motion sensation. We are going deep into thoughts, karma, and transformation.

This week, the moon is our saving grace. In Taurus, it will anchor our perception, and give us a good reality check. Boy, did we need it!

So, guys, be extra cautious of:

  • signing contracts. However, we can negotiate and send follow up emails. Care should also be taken not to engage in any lawsuits. Choose mediation instead.
  • confrontations of all sorts, unnecessary comments, or mention of past mistakes, etc.
  • transportation. Trips of all sorts could be delayed or canceled. This is the time when suitcases get lost! 

Patience is totally on the agenda. Downgrade all attitudes and behaviors, or they WILL ROAR!

What is the cosmic lesson this week? You may wonder if the cosmos is trying to take revenge on us. Not at all! The universe is, in fact, sending all of us back to the drawing board. Everything we thought was achieved and done needs to be redone, this time with the proper intention.

Kabbalists have a great way of explaining this week’s phenomenon. They wisely say, “Tell us how it all began; we will tell you how it will all end.” In other words, right now we are given a fabulous opportunity to restart everything in our lives with the right consciousness.

Back to the drawing board, everyone! Changes need to be made within! It’s like the whole universal machine is in motion to help us move to our next level. At first it feels really scary, but it will turn out to be a real blessing.

At the end of this week, the new moon of lunar Virgo will be born, ruled by planet Mercury, and all changes will become accelerated!

We are in for an intense, but blessed week overall. Next week, we will talk about the energy and atmosphere of the new lunar Month of Virgo.


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