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Astrology Forecast for August 6-12, 2017

Thank God we are done with the rough and infamous three weeks of Ben HaMetzarim! Time for a happier and more compassionate zone. Phew! It’s about time.

Believe it or not, an amazing yearly event occurs this week: the kabbalistic Valentine’s Day! The spiritual holiday of love will occur Sunday, August 6th at dusk and continue through Monday. Every Kabbalah Centre around the world will host special connections that day, so keep an eye out!

This cosmic event always happens during the full moon of the lunar month of Leo, and it's considered by the sages as the union, or the marriage, between the moon and the sun. This is great news after three weeks of a grumpy universe. It is said in ancient times on that day, every single (unmarried) person would dress in all white and walk into the fields to find their soulmates. The change of clothes was important as it removed any illusion of rich or poor. So, individuals wouldn’t know the social status of their soulmates when they met. We could use a bit of that certainty today!

Let’s uncover what the cosmos is telling us this week, shall we?

First of all, we have seven celestial bodies still in passionate fire, and five now in communicative and open air, most notably, the moon—the star of this week—that is positioned in Aquarius, as free as it can possibly be! Secondly, the combination of fire and air lightens up the mood, and will play a great role of increasing laughter and joy. A great week for taking every situation with humor. We needed that!

Planet Jupiter in Libra is in the seventh house—the LOVE house—and inspires us to look for our soulmates, our true friends, and our soul groups. I think a very important leap of faith has to be taken this time around. In what way? By giving others a chance, by welcoming and accepting people in situations we usually wouldn’t. Neptune, the powerful dreamer and the spiritual, is in the 12th house, just like a small Jiminy Cricket!

All this is inspiring us to see our lives in a different way. Allow your dreams to take shape. Meditation is a great tool this week; take a few minutes each morning and imagine the ways our lives should be, could be, and will be with just a bit of effort. From a kabbalistic point of view, we learn that everything happens in the 99% first. It must be conceived in our minds first, then it can manifest.

This week, use the current cosmic energies to shake out limited thinking patterns and pettiness. Of course, Uranus is in retrograde motion in Aries and in the first house—time for a mind and behavior cleanse!

How do we do it? We all need love and love is on the agenda this week! Venus in sensitive Cancer will allow us to feel people better, to get them, even when they don’t express themselves in an optimal way. Our second homework assignment, is to make a list of all the people we love. What will we discover? There are many of them, and that list is constantly increasing!

Let’s try simple, daily exercises, like random acts of kindness, smiles, or a warm gesture towards another every day of this week. Let’s call it a marathon for love! This week, love is in our hands; the more we share, the more we receive. As we all know, the word Kabbalah means to receive in Hebrew!

Remember, everything in the cosmos works in reverse—we need to share in order to receive. It’s similar to the way our eyesight works; we see upside down and our brain puts the image back into place. In short, this week let’s all register for the nicest marathon on the planet, continue spreading our Light everywhere we go, and, of course, stay open to lovely surprises of the heart!

Have a fantastic week! Chag sameach (Happy holiday)!



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