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Astrology Forecast for December 11-17, 2016

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is taking advantage of this adventurous Sagittarius zone, as many opportunities are opening to us this month! This week is a great stepping stone in our spiritual work. Let's find out what's happening in the cosmos this week.

First of all, the four elements are well balanced in the chart. Thank God! After all the extremes we’ve been through!

Three features are remarkable this week:

First, four planets and aspects are in spiritual Pisces. Second, Venus entered rebellious Aquarius, along with Mars and the part of fortune. Third, Mercury (in stubborn Capricorn now) is conjunct with heavy Pluto. And the moon is in the beginning of Taurus.

The chart’s dominance is mutable planets and there are nine of them! It’s definitely the universe’s way of showing us we need to move forward onto something still unknown, no matter what. However, the moon in stubborn Taurus is still holding us back. The choice is Shakespearian: to move forward or not, to confront situations or not!

Truth be told, proactive confrontation is the hardest to master. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of understanding. Some of us confront people or situations head on. Others are like submarines, disappearing from the surface. And some choose to be passive aggressive, hoping things will go away by themselves! And of course… some of us go straight to “Why? How come?”

Conclusion: ALL of us agonize over confronting new situations, one way or another! No matter what group we belong to, there are ways to improve. Here are some spicy tips—straight from the ovens of the kabbalists—to help us improve this week (and really, forever).

First, we need to check all the possible “movies.” Simple enough, right? Not really! Kabbalah teaches (just like sci-fi films) there are many parallel universes! It’s our job to consider different plans out there available to us. Oftentimes, we choose the movie we know, even if it’s a vampire movie. Why? Because we have coped with the same situation already, so it still feels safe.

Unfortunately, the downfall of selecting the same movie is that we are walking straight into “groundhog day,” copying and pasting. Clearly, choosing another movie at first will induce a bit of stress, sweaty palms, an internal heat wave, and profound discomfort for sure! However, as kabbalists have taught us, the lack of comfort is our chance to grow. We all know that failing to confront a situation at the right time will lead us to total chaos.

The second step this week, is to remove the heaviness and gravity attached to so many decisions. We often procrastinate, waiting until tomorrow. Globally, we make of everything a really big deal. Pluto and Saturn pinpoint this habit and behavior all week!

The power of the kabbalists is lightness, simplicity, and flow. A kabbalist by the name of R. Israel of Rizhin once said, “Every time we breathe out and breathe in, our soul is created anew.” It’s a beautiful thought for this period of time—every second, we renew our souls and our movie can shift for the better.

This week is an unbelievable opportunity to completely transform our behaviors, especially our confrontation skills. The cosmos is supporting all our efforts toward openness and forward movement.

We should be meditating on the 72 Name: Yud Yud Lamed, to learn to flow.

72 Name #58

Have a wonderful week!




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