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Astrology Forecast for December 3 - 9, 2017

As Sagittarius, the month of miracles, unfolds many unbelievable insights are delivered by the cosmos right to our doors. This week is no exception. As we gaze into the constellations, we notice the incredible amount of planets placed in mutable signs, and in Sagittarius! It all pretty much looks like a fire work!

Mutable signs are the very fast movers, intellectually and even physically. Right now, the cosmos is all over the place – with the exception of the Moon! The Moon is hiding this week in the 12th house, in the sign of Taurus, with a notice on the door that says: On strike, do not disturb! It is also involved in a T-square with both south and north nodes. Hmm, the Moon is making a clear statement it doesn’t want to be involved in any tikkun right now. It would much rather watch the Saghittarian fireworks instead!

So what should we do? Follow the Moon, or the 7 planets in fire?

If we notice our spiritual work, it always comes in cycles: Sometimes we feel super inspired, we meditate, share, and wonder why everyone else isn’t doing the same! And sometimes we feel like taking a vacation from our spirituality and going to Hawaii! The duality of this week’s chart reflects both attitudes at the same time!

And so this week’s message is about spiritual adaptability.

Adaptability is the quality of moving forward, no matter what, no matter if I feel stuck, or if obstacles and difficulties arise. We want the power to pursue our journey. Adaptability is really a quality of Kabbalists: this ability to flow through situations, to constantly learn from them while renewing ourselves.

This is precisely what we want to learn. Our main obstacles exist just because we are trying to make a point, or we really don’t want to change, or simply because we find ourselves more often than not, blocked on certain things that have happened in the past, and that we still cannot make sense of.

As the Kabbalists teach us, we simply need to tell ourselves: "Ok, I am just going to say NEXT!” This week, the cosmos gives us a great gift: An opportunity to move beyond our heavy feelings, our old grudges, or simply the status-quo in our lives, as Venus is in free spirited Sagittarius!

Here are simple tips to connect with this energy:

  1. There is always a contengency plan, it’s not OUR way or the highway!
  2. Remember it is the cosmos ‘job’ is to push us FORWARD, not backwards!
  3. Make the word NEXT your new mantra!
  4. Spirituality is about flexibility, and the absence of it just makes us age!

Have a fantastic week!


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