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Astrology Forecast for February 5-11, 2017

Hi everyone! We have just entered one of the most, if not THE most, important time zones of the year! And to add to that powerful energy, at the end of this week, the moon will be full. Let’s find out what is so special this time around.

First of all, this week’s chart is literally on fire with six burning planets and aspects! Mars and Venus are now progressed in impetuous Aries, the charts rising is in Leo, and of course we are now in the middle of Aquarius (the fire of the air—let’s not forget!) This definitely feels like an energetic jungle! Unquestionably, this energy will wipe us out!

Beware of the Aries impulsivity and anger, though. We need to remember to pause a little before doing or saying anything. The Aries energy is a small disadvantage to overcome. As we know, Aries is the baby of the zodiac, and it represents the immature part of ourselves. To help us in that domain, we still have a very strong presence of compassionate: Pisces, with Chiron and Neptune in the sign. And the moon is in peaceful and balanced Taurus.

Very important lessons are to be implemented!

The first is to really connect with the great humanitarian calling of the sign of this month, Aquarius. There must be a good reason why they call it called the "Age of Aquarius." Remember, this is the water bearer—the sign in charge of spreading knowledge to the universe.

With all the fire of this week, literally everyone will feel certain causes worth fighting for burning in our hearts. This calling should be cultivated, enhanced, and talked about by every one of us. That's the first mission of this week! As human beings, we have to reach out of our Taurus comfort zone.

This week’s chart really stretches and E X P A N D S our consciousness out of the beloved comfort zone. Aquarius is about revolution, change, and social movements; it has the power to connect with a different reality than the one we know. The purpose is, of course, not to preach, but rather INSPIRE!

This week, we have the ability to choose a different reality, away from the small annoyances and reactivity of every day. Mercury is still in grumpy Capricorn. Just remember not to dig your heels in the ground.

Kabbalistically, this is definitely THE week to tap into the idea of "mind over matter," and see how our thoughts can bring about blessings for today and visions for the future. A very simple exercise you can do this week is to become more aware of your limited thoughts and melancholic Piscean feelings, and simply decide to leave them aside.

So many movies are playing in our minds, and so many are irrelevant: fear, bad past experiences, or anxieties over the future. This week's energy will show us how a simple shift of mind can make them all disappear and enlighten a much better plan for the future.

A second recommended exercise is to meditate on the 72 Name of God: ayin shin lamed for global transformation, and to bring a big wave of positive change for all of mankind.

72 Name #47

Much love to all and have a wonderful week!



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