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Astrology Forecast for January 1-7, 2017

Happy New Year to everyone!

We are entering a brand new time zone—the lunar month of Capricorn is back! Let’s examine this month’s forecast, and learn more about the qualities and challenges of the star sign.

The new moon of Capricorn always coincides with the holiday of Light, Chanukah. The cosmos offers us the medication before the symptom; Tevet, the lunar month of Capricorn is considered one of the three most challenging months of the year! Saturn, one of the solar system’s giants, rules this month.

The planet is unmistakable with its glorious ice rings, which inspire definite respect. In traditional astrology, Saturn rules time, challenges, responsibilities and boundaries. Often called the “great malefic,” Saturn is a planet who orders us to do our tikkune (our correction).

This month’s chart is a little bit like the North Pole. It’s a bit cooold! We all need to remember to warm up everyone with good words and a big dose of humor this whole month!

And… surprise! For most of this month, Mercury is in retrograde motion. So, we should be careful with transportation, communication, and contracts. A lot of homework has to be done before signing legal documents, and regulations should be strictly applied.

The sun, the moon, Pluto, and Mercury are all aligned in Capricorn, which creates a sensation of being on a spiritual treadmill. Heavy Pluto slows down the manifestation of our actions considerably. Due to the strong positioning of Saturn at the rising of the chart, we should avoid taking any physical, or even financial risks. This is the time to stay responsible and conservative! Better safe than sorry!

Interestingly, the new month’s chart is packed with water planets, creating a sea of internal emotions. Many intuitions and instincts will rise to the surface and help us see the truth about all situations.

Let’s learn some funny facts about our Capricorn friends...

First, they are possibly the grumpiest sign of the whole zodiac! One of first things we notice is the chilly energy around them. This is not the warmest sign we’ve ever met! Very serious and focused, they carry Saturn’s energy and its ice rings! Truly, the apparent coldness is just a refuge for their lack of self confidence.

Like a tax auditor, Capricorns will remember all the difficult things that have ever happened in their lives. However, their great sense of responsibility is legendary. Care should be taken so they don’t turn into workaholics! A Capricorn will work very hard and very slowly, until their ambitions are reached. They will preplan their retirement at 20 years old!

Very often, the Capricorns of a family are first born and take on a lot of responsibility from a very young age. Many Capricorns remember difficult childhoods. They are indeed very old souls, and during their childhood years, they simply looked at their parents and relatives and asked themselves, “Why is everyone so childish and irresponsible?”

Their main tikkune is their sensitivity to lack. The feeling that something is missing in their lives can be overwhelming; they speculate that other people have things they don’t have. And truth be told, the cosmos often reinforces their fears: they may be the last served in a restaurant or cannot find the item they seek in a shop. … all kinds of funny things happen to Capricorns!

Their correction is to let go of materialism, since it represents safety and security for them. When a Capricorn turns spiritual, he will become tremendously intuitive and elevated.

Surprisingly romantic because of the internal water, they are, in fact, a lot more sensitive than they appear.

In the body, Saturn rules bones, joints (especially knees), teeth, and skin. Sensitivity and weaknesses in these areas could appear later in life. Capricorns should always eat right, including products of the land in their diets, such as grains and veggies.

They excel in professions such as accounting, government office, animal care and agriculture (some Capricorns prefer plants and animals to human beings!)

Our goals this month:

  • Open up to others.
  • Trust the cosmos.
  • No more manipulation!
  • Justice belongs to the Light, not to you.
  • Let go of the past; it's gone!
  • Let yourself be emotional and funny.
  • Learn what real love is.

Chodesh tov to all!



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