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Astrology Forecast for July 1-7, 2018

I hope the new month of Cancer is inspiring all of us to do the work to get rid of fears and unwanted judgments! This week happens to be a very important and dear one to kabbalists –  especially to our beloved, late teacher, Rav Berg.

Let’s take a peek at this week’s chart… 

What immediately jumps to our attention is a T-square between Mars, Uranus, and Mercury. This particular configuration requires a closer look, since it involves Mars, which is the energy, or fuel so to speak, of the chart. Mars is also conjunct to the moon in Aquarius. Pluto and Saturn have been in retrograde motion in Capricorn for a while, and are located in the twelfth astrological house right now – the domain of the subconscious. Consequently, more depth is required in all we do; care should be taken to listen more closely to internal messages in order to elevate our consciousness. This week, we have to dig deep in our psyche, clear out our closets, and find the hidden diamonds! Adding to this week’s intensity, Venus, Mercury and the North Node of the moon are now in fiery Leo. Phew!

The stars send us a very important message concerning Pluto. In many ways, Pluto is a powerful medicine against the behaviors that are no longer necessary in our lives. It’s as if we are submitted to a laborious letting-go process, which will enable a new “self” to emerge. The key words for Pluto are: digging deep, destruction of the old, regeneration, and healing, which all take place at the same time. Talk about an extra strong spiritual inoculation!

Saturn retrograde is also in opposition to the sun, and it kind of feels like a slow motion movie; every action we wish to take this week requires a lot of caution and analysis. Some things may even come to a halt. No worries! Patience is definitely on the menu this week!

In the kabbalistic system, the sun represents our ego, our general behavior, our “animus” and also 65% of our tikkun (or correction). This is really where most of our spiritual work needs to happen! The T-square plays an essential role as the provocateur – the entity that brings a cosmic wake-up call for both individuals and the collective (Uranus). It raises an essential question about our health, because it questions our energy levels (Mars). Kabbalistically, we know that no illness exists in the body that does not exist in our souls first!

This whole week should be dedicated to HEALING our emotions, and our souls.

Since we’ve entered the month of lunar Cancer, certain behaviors have come to our attention and consciousness. Our spiritual evolution occurs one step at a time. And this week, we are blessed with a big cosmic push forward. Daily meditations are recommended for the whole week – even if only for ten minutes at a time – and should include an energetic release of the behavior, imagining, for example, a dark cloud leaving our whole bodies and being replaced with Light.

Particular care should be taken to inject certainty and Light into body parts that are aching or weak. Of course, as kabbalists teach, we should include loved ones in need of healing in our visualizations, so the positive energy generated has continuity. Let’s also meditate on Mem Hey Shin, the healing combination of the 72 Names.


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