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Astrology Forecast for July 2 - 8, 2017

Hi, everyone! We are entering our second week of sensitive Cancer. This week’s chart is full of great features and some good advice. But, that’s definitely easier said than done!

First, the moon is in Libra, conjunct with Jupiter, which is excellent for friendships, new partnerships, and bringing inspiration to all we do. We call it a “pregnant moon,” because many ideas and new ventures can come out of this aspect (and real pregnancies, too!)

There are great advantages to Libra energy, such as looking at two sides of every coin. Every situation in our life needs to be perceived from all possible angles. The cosmos allows us to be more inclusive of others and their views of the world, which feels just great.

In addition, Venus is 150 degrees (quincunx) from the moon, and is currently in grounded Taurus. This aspect, although really uncomfortable, will allow us to get out of our stubborn and traditional views. With this aspect we really want everyone to be happy, but no need to obsess over it! All in all, Venus’ harmonious ways and the moon’s intuitive imagination are allied this week, along with the expansive views of Jupiter.

The chart’s rising is in universal Aquarius, and allows for the bigger picture to unfold for us, and we begin to consider angles we weren’t aware of before. In other words, we are being stretched in positive ways! This is also a fantastic time to cultivate intuition simply by connecting better to “gut” instincts. What we feel deeply in our bellies is usually accurate and should be acknowledged. This is one of the greatest opportunities the whole month of Cancer has to offer!

So far, so good!

Now for the second part…

Pluto is in retrograde motion in the 12th house and is in opposition to three celestial bodies in Cancer (the sun, Mars, and Mercury). This is a very intense aspect, and a great opportunity for all of us to work on overcoming our fears and our deepest demons. The 12th house is the domain of the subconscious mind, and Pluto is the digger of the zodiac!

Actually, many kabbalists connect fear with judgment. As it happens, the less judgmental we are of others, the less substantial our fears will be. So, what’s wrong about being judgmental? Are we supposed to just accept the way things are? Should we just become indifferent and look away?

To the contrary! Kabbalists explain it is very important to know and recognize what isn’t great. However, the focus should remain on ourselves! When we see what needs to be changed, we can simply make the necessary adjustments. What we are not supposed to do is spend energy assessing and judging others! They say if we had a choice in picking a personal correction, every one of us would still choose his or her own!

Many of our fears also stem from negative experiences from the past, but of course, we are in the month of Cancer—the memory keeper of the zodiac! As John F. Kennedy once said, “Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

All the planetary aspects of the week help us to dig up some demons, and offer us the support, friendship, and vision to overcome them. Let’s take advantage of it!

Have a very powerful week!

To be continued…




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