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Astrology Forecast for July 8-14, 2018

Let’s start with the good news before we dive into the heavy-duty stuff!

This week’s chart is, to say the least, very feisty! Six planets are already in fire signs, the moon is in Taurus, conjunct to revolutionary Uranus, Mercury is in proud Leo, the chart’s rising is in Aquarius along with a Mars retrograde, Black Moon, and South node, and finally, Jupiter is acting up in Scorpio retrograde!

This is a great dose of fire – a dynamic energy that increases our optimistic outlook on life. The chart definitely feels more alive than before (and less drippy!) So, things are happening, and things are moving in our lives, but not necessarily in the direction we wanted them to go! The energy of Aquarius will bring us the element of surprise, so it’s fair to say, expect the unexpected!

So far, so good. Surprises are always positive in the end!

Now, let’s examine the potential challenges we might face…

We’ve just entered a rather complicated cosmic zone, which has a tremendous potential to bring Light. But it oftentimes feels a bit “radioactive.” This period will extend for three weeks in total, technically ending on July 23rd. Lunar Cancer and Leo are complicated months, since they involve the two luminaries, the moon and the sun. The challenging cosmic zone we are facing now always occurs during these two months. This time is called Ben HaMetzarim, which literally means “narrow and in-between.”

Kabbalists always recommend caution and flow during this particular time, especially when it comes to our tempers! It is also best not to start anything new, as everything is really the opposite of what it may seem. However, if you have already started a project prior to this time, it’s perfectly fine to pursue it.

Here is a simple “survival kit” for these three weeks.

First, beware of the seas and oceans. During this time there are high tides and it’s the season when jellyfish or marine life could prove challenging, even problematic… It ALWAYS happens during these three weeks! It is as if the seas are discouraging us from putting ourselves in harm’s way. Needless to say, pulling stunts (like sky diving or purchasing a new Harley Davidson, etc.) is not such a great idea right now. It’s also recommended to avoid commitments or contracts. It’s better to stay humble, so to speak.

Second, you may notice an edginess and reactivity from all people during this time. For example, acts of road rage are reported a lot during the three weeks. To counter this, our best bet is to act very patiently and deliberately. And that’s really the most important homework of the week. Smile, be hospitable, and use the energy of warm and cozy Cancer that is still present in the cosmos to balance out the egotistical energy current.

So, no big moves, no big drama, no big… anything!

Let’s keep our hearts and our doors wide open, letting go of hasty judgment. Whatever happens, be willing to cooperate and manoeuver toward more unity. We have to go deeper into our hearts to eradicate separation and space. Of course, reactive behavior is erased from our dictionary until further notice. (Hopefully forever!)

Stay safe! Much love and Light to all.


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