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Astrology Forecast for June 11-17, 2017

Hi everyone! So, here we are, in full blown Gemini. We can clearly feel a better cosmic breeze! Let's examine the state of the universe this week.

The world's chart opens up with a moon in Libra, and a total of three Libra planets and aspects, which account for a lot of air. Thank God for that! Since Saturn, the heavy duty one, is right on the chart’s ascendant we can feel a bit like Atlas, carrying the entire Earth on our backs!

Jupiter is conjunct with the moon in peaceful Libra and the midheaven of the chart, while Venus (the love planet) is currently in Aries—placed exactly at the same degree as Uranus, the trouble maker!

In many ways, the overall energy of this week’s chart contains a lot of contradictions and nuances. It's as if wherever we look we find one thing and its complete opposite! So, don’t be surprised to receive quite a few contradictory messages this week. It’s like the cosmos is doubled, just like the sign of Gemini!

What are the most important lessons the universe wants us to learn?

First of all, the cosmos is showing us we cannot take anything at face value. Have you ever asked yourself why, when visiting another location as a tourist, you do not pay attention to the taxes, the traffic, the bureaucracy, and the injustices? Why do we tend to only see the good? Because we are disconnected from the facts; we see things from the outside. We are not involved in the situation of that particular country or city. So, it is easier to connect with only the good aspects.

Anything that really disturbs us happens because we put ourselves in these situations; more specifically, we activate our own Aries agenda. The power of Libra, the moon, Jupiter, and the midheaven is to bring peace and fairness, to create new contacts, and open ourselves up to creative thinking. Most importantly, Libra will dilute any hasty judgment!

The only way we can assess people and situations correctly is if we perceive them without relationship to ourselves. Kabbalists express that the source of our biggest suffering is, in fact, our impulsivity. This week, we learn how to see and perceive situations more fairly, in a more detached, therefore, accurate fashion.

We always have a choice in our perceptions. Be more like a tourist, looking at things from outside of themselves in order to appreciate more of what is happening around them. This is the reason the cosmos delivered a great amount of Libra energy to us—so we will be able to see both sides and be more accepting of things.

Very importantly, for work matters, we can be perceived as very charming, creative, charismatic, and open to others.

Let’s do our best to gain more appreciation and joy, with openness and dialogue!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!




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