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Astrology Forecast for June 17-23, 2018

Welcome to the first full week of lunar Cancer… except, we can’t feel it yet! This week’s chart opens up with a combo of planets in fire and earth. So much for watery Cancer! It feels more like a brewing volcano!

Complicated Pluto is conjunct with the chart’s ascendant and four planets are in retrograde motion. Meanwhile, Mars has already entered wild Aquarius, and is opposing the moon and Mercury in Leo.

First spiritual warning: drama unwanted!

Our first line of work this week is to voluntarily ignore small, infuriating details, and avoid unnecessary confrontations at all costs. We all know the feeling – small annoyances occur in our lives again and again; they sting until we roar! Truth be told, we often don’t even remember these petty things the following day.

So, the most important task this week is definitely finding balance, and learning to regulate our daily reactive nature. This is, indeed, the last lap of solar Gemini. May we feel and integrate Einstein’s famous quote: “Everything is relative.” It’s better to walk away and take a breather than start a whole telenovela! Instead, let’s learn how to connect all the dots in our lives. That’s our second mission for the week.

Realistically, how much chaos can be created by our mini-dramas? Answer: a lot! Due to Pluto’s great influence, we are slowly receiving deeper insights into the law of cause and effect in our lives, and we are finally realizing how complicated future corrections can be. For example, we all know families who have stopped talking to each other – sometimes for generations – because a dish wasn’t cooked the right way, or someone lost patience and said something he shouldn’t have. Many separations and judgments started with small dramas snowballing out of control into much bigger chaos.

This week’s energy will help us realize the impact our behavior has on the whole world. Every small positive act creates great Light (and the opposite is also true!) Conversely, many emotions are related to our immediate surroundings. I recently stumbled upon a great article about personal auras, and how we all affect each other. From a kabbalistic point of view, it’s actually very accurate. Unbeknownst to us, we feel people’s energy very deeply, and respond to it. Sometimes, we have an aversion to a new person without understanding logically the reason why. Most of the time, there is a good karmic reason for it.

But that’s no excuse for judgment! Kabbalists very wisely teach that if we were in another person’s shoes, we would probably act exactly the same as they did. Let’s learn to have a bit of patience and compassion!

The cosmos placed us in a spiritual gym this week; let’s take advantage of it! Let’s develop our ability to flow, and to dramatically change our response to the little hiccups in life. Our job is super simple: adopt a strong inner-balance and just lighten up! 


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