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Astrology Forecast for June 18-24, 2017

Hi everyone! We are quickly approaching the lunar Cancer zone, as this is our last week in Gemini. Let’s see what’s in store for us!

This week’s chart opens up with very balanced features. All the elements are represented evenly, which will help us tremendously before the roller coaster and tsunami of Cancerian emotions come our way! However, this week the moon is in Pisces, conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, and Chiron, as well. Mars is already in Cancer. The chart still holds a lot of air, so our emotions will be ventilated!

The only noticeable heaviness is Pluto conjuncting the rising sign of the chart in Capricorn. We need to avoid paying too much attention to little things or dramatizing things in a negative way. Many small annoyances occur in our lives all the time; they sting and sting until we roar! Truth be told, we often don’t even remember these petty things after two weeks time. So, the most important trend of this week is definitely working on balance, i.e. regulating our daily reactive system. This is, indeed, the final stretch for the month of Gemini!

The second lesson is about the law of cause and effect—how much chaos could be created by our mini-dramas? A lot! How difficult it will be to correct this chaos in the future! Some families stop talking to each other for generations because a dish wasn’t cooked as well as it should have been. A lot of separation, judgment, especially in regards to our immediate surroundings, can be generated by little dramas snowballing into much bigger feelings.

Another angle we need to consider is the energetic one. Many feelings are, in fact, related to our immediate surroundings. I recently, stumbled upon a great internet article about how one’s aura affects others. Kabbalistically, this is very true: our energy projection has a far reach.

So, unbeknownst to us, we feel people’s energy very deeply and we respond to it. Sometimes, we have an aversion to new people without understanding logically the reason why. Most of the time, there is good karmic reason for it—we simply feel very different from them.

But the biggest lesson this week, is about lightness and patience. Kabbalists very wisely teach that if we were in other people’s shoes we would probably act in the exact same way. Now, we know we are not smarter than anyone. Judgment leads to separation, and for us, that is not an option! Plus, it’s never a coincidence when certain people in our lives push all our buttons. We are in a spiritual gym this week; let’s take advantage of it!

The final gift of this week is a fantastic opportunity to develop our ability to flow, to dramatically change our response to the little hiccups in life. Our job is to find strong inner balance, and just lighten up!

Next week, the cosmos will throw much deeper stuff at us with the new lunar month of Cancer!

To be continued…




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