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Astrology Forecast for March 5 - 11, 2017

Hi everyone!

Right now, we are at the peak of the month of Pisces (Adar), as the full moon will appear Saturday night. Full moons are renowned for their ability to channel a very powerful and concentrated energy on all of mankind, as well as nature. As it happens, medieval kabbalists and healers would collect certain plants only during full moons, so their potency would be optimized.

Thankfully, this full moon is also related to a much-awaited universal event. Twice a year, under planet Jupiter's influence, a cosmic window opens up allowing the impossible to become possible. The first one is during the holiday of lights and the sign of Sagittarius called Chanukah. The second one occurs right now, during PURIM.

What are we required to do in order to connect with this wonderful window of energy? First of all, this week’s chart contains a significant amount of fire planets. The chart is shifting from Noah’s flood to a much-welcomed fiery atmosphere! The moon is in earthy Virgo, and the stellium of planets in Pisces is now located in the domain and house of Virgo; it’s TIME FOR ORDER.

In kabbalistic astrology, the element of earth is always associated with the left brain because it allows us to tap into the realm of logic, understanding, and learning. But of course, there has to be a challenge of some sort in order for us to draw in the amazing energy of miracles that appears this week. And that challenge is to come out of judgmental emotions!

Purim is the holiday of joy, and in truth the most intense moments of joy in our lives come from sharing with others, and being a part of the greater good. This whole week, our focus should be service to others, in all Virgo simplicity. We should all extend a hand outside of our comfort zones and add as much care to our daily routine as we can.

This week is all about simple love and simple Light. The window of miracles will open up for us. So, the plan of attack is as follows: Saturday night and Sunday, let’s be merry, open our hearts, share our Light all around, and look at life with pure “Virgo” eyes. This is the time to draw as much joy as we can from the cosmic bank for the whole year to come.

Those of you near a local Kabbalah Centre, don't forget to be in touch! Many connections will occur.

Happy Purim, everyone!

Love and Light,



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