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Astrology Forecast for May 21-27, 2017

Hi everyone! We are approaching the end of lunar Taurus this week. Yay! The lunar month of Gemini starts the evening of Thursday, the 25th. Our 49-day marathon of counting the Omer is almost over, and there’s a bright light awaiting us at the end. Thank God! The energy of Gemini is slowly entering the cosmos.

As we closely study the world’s chart, we may be surprised to find the moon in Pisces at the beginning of this week, along with three other aspects. Eight planets are in mutable signs in total.

The chart’s rising is in feisty Sagittarius. Venus and Uranus are both in Aries and the result is a very steamy cosmos! Finally, heavy Saturn conjuncts the chart’s rising, along with the infamous black moon!

Talk about complications! What’s up with that?

This week addresses exactly how much space we have in our hearts to include others, and how much energy we are investing in that direction.

The moon in Pisces is very inspiring in terms of love for others, and is currently conjunct with Neptune to enhance our creativity, and ability to daydream and foresee things. Jupiter, Pisces ruler, is very well positioned at the chart’s MC and creates a sort of elevated consciousness. These two features are by far the best this week.

Let’s now look at the other side of the coin!

The feisty Sagittarian present in all of us needs to be better controlled. It pushes us to act impulsively and say, “Guys, I already know everything!” It’s the freedom-seeker in us who discourages people to come too close because he/she just doesn’t listen. How many times do we discourage people from getting close to us by not including them enough? So, first we need to check our openness vis à vis our entourage.

Since Pisces energy is so prevalent, we also need time to be inspired. This "me" time should be organized properly, and neatly put into our weekly calendar. This hour of that day I am walking in the countryside (meditating, simply journaling, etc.) But it should be done PROACTIVELY, not because we want to run away and break free. Rather, because we need a moment to be re-inspired.

Secondly, Saturn raises a question about space by choking the chart a bit! Questions about physical and emotional space are raised right now. Our teacher Rav Berg, beautifully explained that a spiritual person is someone who removes the space between themselves and others, who constantly tries to become closer to others, while staying respectful of their boundaries. Too often, we allow too much space to enter. And that space, explain the kabbalists, is where negativity enters: indifference, anger, resentment, etc.

This week, let’s get ready to remove the unnecessary spaces. Let’s get closer, and show more care and interest toward others. Let's call someone we haven't spoken to in a while, create quality time with our loves ones, and also for ourselves!

We should work on getting closer to others and begin to feel connected this week—just like the Gemini symbol of the twins. In addition, notice “random” messages you may get this time around; they will create big jumps in our spiritual work and consciousness!

Love and Light to everybody and Chodesh tov!



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