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Astrology Forecast for May 27 - June 2, 2018

Fun, fun and more fun! This week represents what the sign of Gemini is all about with a kick of confidence, and a boost of spiritual love and creativity. Many planets are at their best!

We are in the midst of the month of Gemini, and many of the positive traits of this sign, and of this time of the year have great potential to flourish this week. 

The week starts with a beautiful trine aspect between the sun and Mars. Both planets represent fiery, confident energy and help to give all of us a boost to our own confidence! This powerful combination gives us an abundance of energy to sustain us as we move forward in achieving our goals. So if you were postponing things because you were not sure, or doubted your abilities … ride on this amazing planetary support, and DO IT this week!

On Tuesday, May 29th, we have a full moon in Sagittarius, which again brings a lot of vitality, fun, great opportunities, and can help us feel ready to tackle any challenge.

The full moon also represents a good time for completion. It’s time to manifest great ideas, take action in moving towards your long-term goals, or put the finishing touches on that which has yet to be completed. 

Mercury, the planet of communication is entering Gemini, which is its natural home sign. This means that for the next two weeks, our communication has the potential to be at its best – light and quick! It’s easy to connect to big ideas now, and to understand teachings. It’s a great time to learn, to finish books, and for multitasking.

But, of course, we should also pay special attention at this time – avoid falling into quick communication. Do not be too quick to react, or too fast to judge. 

Rav Berg offers a great tip to Geminis in his book, Kabbalistic Astrology. We can all use this tip since the influence of Mercury and Gemini is so strong on all of us this week. 

What’s better than manifesting great ideas, being understood, and enriching your loving relationships?

June 1st will be a great day to take ACTION and manifest great ideas. Mars in Aquarius trine Mercury and the sun in Gemini. As we mentioned before, those planets are full of confidence, pushing us to take action! Since all those aspects are in air signs now, it sends all this power of manifestation to our mind, our great ideas and hopes.

On June 2nd, what a beautiful moment! Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter and Neptune. This positive aspect in water signs (which also involves Venus, the planet of love and peace) sends a feeling of “Love in the Air…” It will be a great weekend for lovers and creative spiritual activities.

This is also a powerful time to volunteer, to find creative ways to share with your partner, and to allow yourself to express what you feel (don’t worry, the universe will help you be understood.)

This is the beautiful flow we can all connect with this week, helping us to move forward in so many areas of life in a truly rewarding way. 


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