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Astrology Forecast for November 12 - 18, 2017

Hi everyone! By the comments from many friends and students, this past Scorpio has been a real rollercoaster of sweat and intensity! Well, you’ll be happy to know it is now time to start harvesting the gifts of our tough emotional labor.

This week's chart opens up as 6 planets are already positioned in fire signs: the Moon is in optimistic Leo, Mercury is already in fiery Sagittarius, and the rising of the chart is in light Gemini. The emotional water energy is slowly diminishing, leaving place for healthier and more optimistic fire.

The element of fire, according to Kabbalah, signifies action, energy, forward motion, and creative ideas. This week is a great time for a reboot, for looking at life through a different lens.

In a way, the cosmos wants to start crediting us, slowly letting go of the lingering emotional bankrupcy brought about in lunar Scorpio. We are indeed feeling lighter and more inspired. It’s therefore a fantastic moment to spend qualiy time with loved ones, and to share experiences and conclusions. Fire is all about friendships and the simple good life.

With the renewed fire, it’s highly recommended to begin learning something new, rebooting our brains as well as our emotions. It’s time to start feeling free and limitless, opening ourselves up to the possibility of new beginnings in our lives.

In addition, Jupiter is conjuncting Venus in Scorpio, bringing to our plate a greater desire to love, to be attracted, attractive, and mysterious like a Scorpio. We can socialize, go on dates, and explore our options both in love and friendship.

However, let’s put great love at first sight on hold for the moment! With the impulsivity of Sagittarius, we could make serious mistakes, especially falling into the trap of drama ( Jupiter) and ego (Leo). It’s all a blessing really, as Jupiter, the amplifier, makes it easier for us to realize how to act in relationships, what to change, and how to keep our hearts open. Simultaneously, many of our hidden, subconscious thoughts (the deep Scorpio realm) about love and relationships we are not ready to admit to ourselves yet, will be exposed by the Jupiterian boldness and the sunray of Leo. Make no mistake, we will probably hear ourselves fighting critical remarks about our behaviors, defending our ego for just a little longer!

The fact that we can actually spot these behaviors is, of course, a huge gift. We cannot heal a disease we arent aware of, and sticking a name on our spiritual “bacteria” will help us quickly find the cure. Our only real enemies are, in fact, our egos and pride.

I highly recommend to meditate on the 72 Name of "Revealing the Concealed" this entire week, so the Light will be felt each day.

72 Name #42

We will, next week, enter the realm of lunar Sagittarius!

Have a great week, everyone!




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