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Astrology Forecast for October 29 - November 4, 2017

Hi, everyone! As we are entering the second week of Scorpio, let’s find out what messages await us in our cosmic mailbox!

This week’s chart opens up with incredible intensity. In fact, five planets and aspects are already in Scorpio, and a total of seven planets are in water. Hold on tight! Four T-squares are forming a grand square. It’s as if everything in the universe is coming to a halt! Planet Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, which in the last degree of Virgo, is situated 150 degrees to Uranus and squares Saturn. The cherry on the cake is that Uranus also opposes the sun, which is still in Libra, to almost its exact degree.


So, shall we stay protected at home, or do we dare to get out and confront upcoming “situations” (read: conflicts)?

As we mentioned in our last post, in kabbalistic tradition, Scorpio comes in three forms: the snake (spiritually, in very poor condition), the scorpion (so-so), and the eagle (the highest level).

The scorpion is more evolved than the snake, but it is blind! It acts on survival instincts, is plagued with insecurities and fears, and more often than not, enters a state of crisis where it has the potential to destroy everything that has been built! Definitely, not our cup of tea.

The eagle is gifted with incredible vision of the bigger picture. In kabbalistic symbolism, the eagle is also the archangel who carries the Central Column of energy, which is the absolute balance. The Central Column (or air) energy is, indeed, exactly what we need dearly this week!

The cosmic message here is obvious: we are not to interfere, unless it is absolutely clear that we should! Mars in dissatisfied Virgo has very difficult aspects. Situations or negotiations may come to a stop, or take a completely unexpected turn. Don’t panic; everything will get better soon enough. Patience and calm observation are on the menu.

This week's energy is our vaccination against hasty judgments! Too often we get involved hastily, taking sides without having all our facts straight. All of a sudden, we know what's best for everyone and we are trying to save the day! Usually, this is followed by a big catastrophe.

The planets support the status quo, a careful examination of all angles, staying balanced, and keeping our certainty no matter the circumstances. If anything, our job is actually to try and pacify our surroundings. According to kabbalists, the biggest gift in life is peace. The last word of the written part of the law and of many prayers is shalom, which means peace. This week, we will be tested not only on our ability to stay above conflicts, just like the eagle, but also on our capacity to create peace around us.

In the Zodiac, lunar Cheshvan symbolizes internal growth, regeneration, recreation, and reinvention. But, as the kabbalists teach us, it always comes at a price. We can never receive something better unless we let go of something else first! It’s the law of the universe; we need to make space for the new. The big sandbag we can each drop this week is hasty judgement.

This is a very important week in our spiritual growth, as Jupiter is very close to the sun. Make time for peace and reflection away from drama. Meditate on a strong and better version of yourself, as a peacemaker. There is a call to reawaken the eagle in all of us. Give more of yourself to the universe through a calm example. Meditate on the 72 Name of God: teacher, not preacher.

72 Name #62

Have a peaceful and elevated week (ram in Hebrew, as opposed to mar)!

To be continued…




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