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Astrology Forecast for September 10 - 16, 2017

Hi everyone! This is the last mile until we reach Rosh Hashanah! Our beloved teacher, Rav Berg, often talked about this time as an opportunity to go "back to the future." It’s literally like using an eraser to clear away all the parts of last year we struggled with.

Last week, the cosmos was very stormy. With all the floods and climatic challenges, so was the world! Our meditations should be directed toward all these places. Now, let’s find out more about this week’ s cosmic behavior.

The chart starts with a very solid Taurus moon, slowly detaching from the unpredictable influence of Uranus. Three planets are already in Virgo. Overall, the cosmos seems less fiery and is slowly becoming calmer as more planets move into Virgo. Although, at closer look we find a T-square: black moon, the sun, and Neptune.

The T-square must be addressed, since it involves what we see or what is revealed (the sun), with everything that is unclear or what we are not aware of yet (black moon and Neptune). In many ways, this week is a gift, since our hidden thoughts and doubts resurface for the purpose of being processed, understood, and altered for the better. Having our demons exposed is not a picnic! However, this is a time of clearing and cleansing before Rosh Hashanah. The pure energy of the sun in Virgo supports us in this process.

With the Taurus moon, an essential part of this week is the idea of internal peace—learning to not only face challenges, but accept them, as well. Embracing self-forgiveness is on the menu this week. The good news is it will enable us to more clearly recognize all the great gifts we were given.

These gifts are double: the blessings we count in our lives, and the inner qualities and talents we were given (very strong 12th house.) In our spiritual work, we are taught to focus on what we need to correct and change in our behavior. Although, it is important to accept responsibility about past behaviors, it is equally important to understand life is a journey for which the Light gave us many blessings.

Wow, that’s a first: bringing up the good in us!

As a practical assignment for the week ahead, I would suggest making a list of all the great things we already have in our lives, and perhaps more importantly, all the good we can bring to the lives of others! The effect will be very soothing to our souls.

This week is about reinforcing all the good, so we are off to a great start in the New Year. Think about it for a moment, what coach would dwell on the faults of his team players before a big game? We stand before the biggest game ever—the one that will determine this entire year to come! We need to pump ourselves up with all our talents and achievements, knowing they come from the Light.

Next Saturday, we are also blessed with a very positive day: the kabbalistic day of the creation of the world—the day everything started. All of us start life with great hopes and expectations, which slowly erode by disappointments, challenges, and misunderstandings. We now have the opportunity to bring a new creation of the self to life. Our essence as humans is the same, no matter what color, place in the world, or family we come from.

This week we have the opportunity to choose to be open to others, to dream, and to hope. I want to wish everyone a wonderful year full of Light and blessings! Keep praying and helping those in need!

Much love to everybody, and shana tova!



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