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Astrology Forecast for September 24 - 30, 2017

Hi, everyone!  So, the cosmic New Year is behind us! The first brick in building a better future is already in place after all the effort we’ve made in the past few weeks. Thank God!

What should we do now? What is our next cosmic plan of attack?

When we closely study this week’s chart, we notice several amazing points.

First of all, we have strong aspects of Mars in Virgo trining the ascendant and Pluto, and sextiling the moon. This will give every one of us a great energy push to get things done, create the changes we really need to (Pluto), and gain deeper insights (moon in Scorpio).

The second observation is about Earth's satellite, the moon. As we mentioned, it is in intense and powerful Scorpio at the start of the week. Think of it like wearing a pair of infrared glasses to see and guide you in the dark! Kabbalistically, this cosmic time is about self-examination, and most importantly, about getting our potential straight!

Why and how?

Imagine a random person stopping you in the street and telling you, “Look, I have a special gift for you. It will help you to foresee the future!" What would you say? "Sure, I need this!" The unique infrared of Scorpio will show us who we need to become. There is a hero in every one of us!

Our beloved teacher, Rav Berg, said, “They (meaning the cosmos) picked me for the job of spreading Kabbalah in the world. But the truth is, they could have picked anybody else!” It is hard to believe any one of us could have lived the life of Rav Berg, right? Unfortunately, we long ago stopped believing all the astonishing things we could do because life eroded us somehow.

A very interesting experiment illustrates this point. Scientists decided to test fleas by placing them in a simple cup. Then they observed their behavior. In seconds, the fleas began jumping higher and higher until they finally escaped the cup. So far, so good. The same experiment was conducted with the addition of a lid on the cup. What do you think happened? After one day, the lid was removed. The scientists were surprised to find that the fleas became conditioned. They could jump to the top, but could no longer escape the cup!

We are the fleas! Every time we run into an obstacle, we reduce our desires, hopes, and expectations instead of keeping our goals high and trying harder! We have just entered a cosmic time where the opposite needs to happen. We are still in the process of building a stronger and healthier desire until mid-October, which is the end of the lunar month of Libra. Not only is the cosmos supporting our growth, but it also clarifies and reinforces our understanding about how much MORE we can do.

This week, we need to remember who we are, and what we are capable of. Perhaps, many of us were not encouraged or even made aware of our potential. But we all have loved ones and great friends we have earned in our lives. It's time to ask them for help. Interestingly, the astrological house of friends and helpers is packed with beautiful planets in Libra for the love and support of others.

What is our homework assignment?

This week, let’s start each day with a simple five-minute meditation about our past dreams and our true potential. Share it with your close loved ones. Try to feel the super hero inside of you, and tap into just how powerful you can still be. This is a very important building block for the whole year to come, so don’t miss it!

Dream big and in Technicolor, and listen to your soul!

Have a great week! Chag sameach!

Love and Light,



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