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Astrology Forecast for September 6-12, 2015

Hi Everyone! It’s our last milestone before Rosh Hashanah! Let’s go guys!

Our beloved teacher, Rav Berg, always talked about this time of the year as our opportunity to travel "back to the future" and erase all the aspects of last year where we didn't do such a great job. Let’s find out how the cosmos is supporting us this week.

The chart opens up with a Gemini moon, well aspected to Mercury in Libra. The north node is also in Libra, which definitely sounds lighter than the previous week! Upon closer look, it seems the cosmos is well-balanced elementally, with the four foundations all equally present. The only hiccup is, of course, the chart’s rising in Aries, with Uranus, our cosmic black ship, one degree from the chart’s rising sign.

So, once again (as it’s happened quite a few times this past year!), we are caught between two currents: the first being to keep the peace and stay "light" emotionally and spiritually, and the second to follow the Aries immature and self-centered “me” trip. Which one will it be?

What is the cosmos trying to teach us?

The first and the most essential piece this week, is that peace (Libra) is an internal process. Peace doesn’t depend on external events. It’s a choice! How can we choose peace? How do we block the chaos around us?

Strangely enough, the first step is to know who we are. And I mean, the good, the bad, and the ugly! We need to discover our limitations (yes, we DO have some limitations) and slowly learn to accept ourselves. In a final analysis, and throughout all our incarnations, we are in fact, a living work in progress.

This week is the perfect time to try to better understand ourselves and to also recognize all the great gifts the cosmos has given us. These gifts are double – they are the blessings we count in our lives, as well as the incredible qualities and talents we were given.

Oftentimes, in our spiritual work we have a tendency to focus too much on what we need to correct and change, and on what’s wrong with our behavior (and others’). Although, accepting responsibility for our actions is essential, we need to also keep in mind that life is a journey for which the Light gave us many presents.

Wow, that’s a first! Looking at the good and only the good!

For some practical homework for the week ahead, I would suggest making a list of all the great talents and abilities we have been gifted with and, most importantly, how much good we can bring to others! My friends, we are in for some very pleasant surprises!

This week is about reinforcing all the goodness so we are geared up for a great start to the New Year. Think about it for a moment – what kind of coach would insist on all the wrong actions in his team players before a big game? We are about to play the biggest game ever, the one that will determine the upcoming year. We need to cheer ourselves on by focusing on all the talents and great progress we have accomplished! This work will truly bring Light and peace from within!!

On Wednesday, September 9th we are also blessed with a beautiful highlight, the kabbalistic day of the actual creation of the world, which is the day when everything started in the realm of the one percent. It’s the most amazing day to reboot and go back to a clean slate. Let’s simply reconnect with our own true spirit, the one that pushes us to dream big and love life!

Let’s keep the words of our teacher, Karen Berg, in mind, as well, "We are all pieces cut from the same cloth.” We all have similar desires, similar hopes, and dreams. And we are all looking for the same Light.

Internal peace is this week's plan; let’s wipe our track records clean of bad feelings.

A new year, a new me! Light and blessings to everybody!




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